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What is Pay per Click (PPC) ?

Pay per click or in abbreviated form – PPC, is an Internet marketing model where advertisers pay for each click on their advertising banners, which can have either a graphic or text form.

Simply put, these are the ads you see at the top of the Google search results page. Each time someone clicks on one of these ads and a visitor is redirected to your site, you will need to pay a certain amount to the search engine.
PPC Management is, in essence, the process of supervising and managing the advertising expenses of a company. Management includes advertising strategies and the purchase of online advertising while minimizing overall costs. The process can be managed either by the seller or the service provider, as well as by a company specialized in PPC, empowered by them. PPC management is usually perceived as an evolving art, where perfect optimization is not possible, but is still the main objective.
If you’ve decided that you need a Google Ads campaign that drives results, but you’re not sure you can manage it, we will come up with innovative marketing strategy that will help your businesses to grow and achieve your objectives. Quite often, it is better to entrust professionals to create and manage advertising, than to distract yourself from your business and waste precious time for online advertising or, worse, to admit mistakes and to waste some part of your budget in vain.
In addition to PPC management, we offer SEO services in Europe, local SEO, social media marketing and much more.

PPC Management Services in Europe

Benefits of PPC Advertising

Fast results

Fast Results

The process of organic Search Engine Optimization can take months to get the first results, and when using PPC advertising, the first buyers / customers can appear almost immediately after the campaign launch.

Cost effective

Because advertiser will only be charged if the user really accesses targeted web resource, it can be a good value for money. In addition, advertiser have the opportunity to spend as much as he want.
Budget control

Budget control

The advertiser is given the possibility to establish the costs of promoting a particular product or service per the day, the cost of launching the advertising campaign, and accordingly the total advertising budget.
Full Analytics


The advertiser can analyze the effectiveness of advertising in real time. You will know who and where came from, at what search request, the cost per click, etc. Using these metrics, you can quickly react and make the necessary changes to the campaign.
Target Audience


Google Adwords campaign settings give to the advertiser the option to choose different specific details of target audience, making it possible to display ads in a particular geographic area and only to users interested in your product or service.


The advertiser is given the opportunity to customize ads by region, time, audience and demography, make adjustments to the campaign depending on current analytical data, thereby improving it so that the ads have the maximum effect.

Who Should Hire PPC Management Company?

Because there are no minimum or maximum limits for the budget of PPC campaigns, and the results are achieved in a relatively short time, this method of promoting products and services can be used by any type of business. However, there are situations where PPC advertising is not only useful, but simply irreplaceable for quick results. Below are some examples when PPC advertising will be the best promotion option:

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Launching a new product or service

If you have just started a business and want in a short period of time to bring information about your products and services to the potential customers, one of the best solutions is PPC advertising.
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Product line extension

If your company is expanding line of products or range of services, you can immediately bring information to the target audience by creating and running Google AdWords advertising.
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Special Offers

If your company has developed some special offers such as discounts, prize drawings, gifts for a certain amount spent, etc., PPC advertising is the best choice for promotion. In this case, organic SEO is simply useless, because getting top positions in organic SERP will take a long time, and the offer is unique and limited.
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Addition to organic SEO

Large businesses, such as banks, insurance companies, loan agencies, big construction companies, quite often put emphasis on attracting attention to their products, increasing brand awareness and, of course, on increasing sales. To achieve these goals, large companies need both organic SEO and PPC advertising.

What’s Included in PPC Monthly Management?

Our agency’s PPC management services, as part of the monthly management, include the following :

tickBid Management.
tickAd Placement and Targeting Adjustments.
tickGeo-targeting Improvements.
tickKeyword Management.
tickAd Copy Optimization and Testing.

tickRecommendations for improving the landing pages of the site.
tickCost and Performance Analysis.
tickCheck In Calls/Meetings.
tickMonthly Campaign Performance Report.
tickThe forecast of the advertising budget for the next month.

PPC Management Pricing

Because each campaign is unique, each marketing strategy will be managed differently. Based on these considerations, the price of PPC Management will be determined individually for each case, taking into account the specificity of your business, the number of keywords and the level of competition of your business area.

For example, some well-known brands need protection campaigns only, other companies are developing their business with an emphasis on e-commerce, while the third category is aimed at national coverage of a competitive market and needs a constant and measurable lead generation. Thus, each category listed above requires different resources and budgets. However, we guarantee that we will not exceed the limits of your budget. Based on the assumption that if the return on investment in your advertising will be high, then you will want to invest more in advertising, we are constantly working to optimize your advertising to make it more profitable.


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Transparent pricing

We firmly believe in building trusting relationships with our customers, so we make sure that our pricing policy is always transparent, that our customers are confident that our services meet their needs and that they are familiar with the services included in each advertising campaign.
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We make your goals our goal

We are aware that, in some cases, the services we provide can bring to a business both revenues and losses, that is why we always have a responsible attitude towards the obligations assumed. Considering that your goal is also our goal, we try to achieve the same results as for ourselves.
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We save your time

If you do not want to distract yourself from managing your business and are looking for an agency that will fully manage your PPC advertising campaign, Smart SEO Digital Agency is always at your service. We will not only write optimized ad texts, but also provide all the necessary support at every stage of the PPC campaign.
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We provide detailed reports

We mentioned earlier how important it is to analyze the results of your ads to ensure that our customers will get as much traffic and conversions as possible. Therefore, we permanently monitor the effectiveness of ads and process user behavior data on landing pages to provide our customers with complete reports.
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We handcraft campaigns for you

We are aware that each business is individual and has different requirements. This means that each advertising campaign is manually configured, with daily bid monitoring, to make sure that all opportunities that bring benefits to our customers are effectively used.
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In order to improve the quality of the services provided, we are constantly improving our knowledge in the field of digital marketing, we tend to be abreast of all the innovations and be the first to implement the new technologies, so that our customers receive the best services on the market.