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What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Online Reputation Management is a complex of actions aimed at creation a certain public perception of the person or company, identification of publications that negatively affect their image and usage of feedback channels with the target audience for prevention, early detection and elimination harmful consequences for reputation.

The need to create a flawless image of the company or person is due to the importance of a positive perception of them by consumers or the general public and a clear awareness that this perception, lacking permanent care or unprotected from direct attacks on reputation, can cause substantial damage. Specifically, online reputation management involves online monitoring of the reputation of a person, company or brand, as well as the content that target to spoil their image, and the use of customer reviews to solve problems before they harm the reputation of the person or brand. A significant part of reputation management involves the suppression of search results containing negative materials and the concomitant highlighting of positive ones. For companies, reputation management usually involves an attempt to eliminate the difference between how a company perceives itself and how others perceive it.

In addition to providing SEO services in Europe, Smart SEO Digital Agency is also specialized in providing Online Reputation Management solutions and offers its clients a full range of services to build the reputation of a person, company, product or brand in the virtual environment.

Online Reputation Management Services Europe

The Importance of Online Reputation Management

The importance of ORM

Without a doubt, everyone understands the importance of consumers’ opinions about his business, its products and services. Therefore, for a company that is trying to become a successful one on the market and maintain its positions for as long as possible time, reputation management plays a crucial role in building the image and maintaining a positive online reputation.

All this is achieved through the publication of positive articles, reviews, comments, etc. In conclusion, we can firmly say that the best option is to build a positive image of the company in advance, because, if negative information will target you periodically, the positive information, previously accumulated, will outweigh it.
Even if, at the right time, you did not pay the necessary attention to maintaining the online reputation, and recently you became the target of harmful mentions such as negative reviews on forums, negative articles on blogs, customer complaints on social networks or other publications, such as, objections to company policies in relation to anything, online reputation management will also help you to resist these issues.
In this case, the main task of online reputation management is to remove the negative reviews and articles from the top positions of the search results, by publishing and promoting positive reviews, articles, opinions and other information.

Who Needs Online Reputation Management

Reputation for Public Persons

Public figures

Public figures, such as politicians, singers, actors, athletes, attract a lot of attention, and normally, in the online environment, information about them is present even beyond their will. Given the importance of the image to this category of people, reputation management can protect them from the negative information that concerns them.
Reputation for Brands


A brand is not just a trademark, but a totality of features, formed on the basis of people's opinions, which allow a brand to be easily recognized, distinguish it from the other companies and make the consumer, choosing between products with equal qualities, to give preference to a branded one. Reputation management can help a company become a brand or support the good name of an famous brand.
Reputation for Companies


Usually, the internet users, before buying a product or ordering a service, search the Internet for information about the company they are examining as a potential provider. Accordingly, if they do not see negative information about the company on the first pages of search engine results, or in thematic groups in social networks, then the company has more credibility in front of the potential clients.
Reputation for online shops

Online Stores

Considering the fact that offline factors affecting small and medium-sized businesses, which work in direct contact with customers, do not affect online stores, the process of building a positive reputation for online stores is the most eloquent example of online reputation management in its purest form. Thus, a good reputation of the store brings stable sales and accordingly - profit.

Our Online Reputation Management Services Include:

Good Reputation


When consumers want to find out more about a company, they use key phrases such as ``company + reviews`` in their search, and most often only visit sites that appear on the first page of search results. In this case, the task of search engine reputation management is to track mentions, according to predefined keywords about the company / person and to react to the negative publications in a timely manner, by replacing the search results containing false or defamatory information about the company, product or service with positive articles, information and reviews.
Good Reputation

Review Improvement

For companies, reviews are one of the most important tools for increasing competitiveness and security in the online environment. In fact, reviews are a kind of advertising for potential customers and at the same time an obstacle for fake, negative or defamatory information.
By using a hybrid review management model, which consists of online monitoring, attitude analysis, marketing automation and, most importantly, publications of internet users, we will help your company / brand to increase its rating and the number of positive reviews on most online platforms.
Good Reputation

Mention's analysis

Gathering of analytical data is an indispensable part of the implementation of any reputation management campaign, since in order to choose a strategy we must analyze the results obtained, draw conclusions and develop a plan for further actions based on them.
Using specialized services and a list of keywords (negative, neutral, positive), related to the subject of study, we analyze the mentions on the Internet about the company, person or brand, save all the results in a separate file, analyze the information received and form an overall picture of the client’s online reputation.
Good Reputation

Hidden Marketing

Hidden marketing consists of the network activity of agents of influence who publish positive mentions and reviews about the company, its products, the quality of its services, etc. From the outside, this activity is perceived as an opinion of a simple internet user, who describes a product or service, compares it with similar ones, describes personal experience in relation to the company and offers discreet advices. In principle, this is the difference between hidden marketing and classic advertising, where agents of influence or opinion leaders directly promote the product and recommend the company.
Good Reputation

Social Media Monitoring

By social media monitoring is meant the automatic or manual search for mentions of a company / person that users of social networks leave on their personal pages, in groups, or in comments. Monitoring gives you the opportunity to learn about the shortcomings of the service, the interests of the target audience, the opinions of customers, as well as timely detect negative mentions and quickly respond to them. Thanks to the monitoring of social media, discussions can be detected at the moment they start, which allows you to quickly restore your image in public opinion.
Good Reputation

Reputation Protection

We will help you to protect your online reputation by publishing and promoting positive materials about your brand in internet and neutralizing negative publications. We will select the most prominent qualities of the brand / personality, identify groups in the social networks, forums and other platforms on which the materials are to be posted and after coordinating with the client, we will start the promotion. We will build chains of positive mentions from satisfied customers, company representatives, brand advocates, etc., thus covering negative information with positive mentions.

Key Benefits of Online Reputation Management

Best reputation


Significant trust from online visitors’ and customers’ end.
Best reputation


A positive reputation that provides more targeted traffic to your web resources.
Best reputation


Minimizing the risks or conflicts caused by negative publications about your brand.
Reputation Management Benefits
Best reputation


Higher ratings and better reviews that will lead to business growth and increased revenue.
Best reputation


Improved transparency regarding your products and services.
Best reputation


The opportunity to increase your positive presence on various digital channels.

How much does online reputation management cost?

Notwithstanding the fact, that some companies that provide online reputation management services, offer packages with a predetermined monthly price, other similar companies, customize the cost of services for each individual client, depending on his needs.

This is explained by the fact that not all companies or individuals have the same reputation management needs. Therefore, before making an offer to the client, we perform a detailed initial analysis to determine the strategies that are most needed for his business or for him personally. Based on this information, we develop a plan of specific actions that are necessary for the specific objectives of the client. Thus, the cost of the services depends on the strategy chosen, the volume of work and the time required to carry out the planned actions.
In summary, we can say that depending on the needs or tasks submitted by the client, the price can vary from few hundred euros per month to several thousand. For some services, the contracts may be concluded for a predetermined period of time, for example, for three, six or 12 months, while for the others, a month-to-month payment can be charged.

Online Reputation Management Process

  • Strategy Implementation Strategy Implementation

We will conduct a comprehensive online reputation analysis, which will identify the causes, sources of negative materials and the websites of their highest concentration. This information will allow us to develop a strategy for elimination of the negative materials that concerns you, to present recommendations for improving the quality of your services and suggestions on adjusting business processes.

Based on the results of the analysis of the reputation obtained in the previous phase, we prepare a strategy and preliminary plan of the necessary works, with deadlines, which we will presented to the client for familiarization. After consulting with the client and if necessary, we can introduce some changes and together we approve the final action plan.

During the following month, we will carry out the activities in accordance with the approved reputation management strategy and, if necessary, we will coordinate the most important issues with the client.

At the end of each month we will provide you with a detailed report on the work done and the results achieved. Also, based on the results already achieved, we will draw up and submit for approval a detailed work plan for the next month.