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What is local SEO?

Local SEO services involve a complex of actions aimed at internal and external optimization of a web resource, in accordance with the requests of users from a certain geographical region and has as final aim the improvement of the search engine ranking and, accordingly, the promotion of your business.

In fact, this is an effective way to conect your business to the local target audience, and if used correctly, can bring excellent results in a very short time.
Most often, local SEO is used for the websites of companies that are found by users on base of search requests according to certain criteria related to a particular location or region. For example – beauty salon, car rental, dental clinic in the “city X, area Y, county Z” and so on.
Due to the fact that small businesses need buyers from their geographic region, local SEO has become an integral part of the process of promoting an imposing number of resources from the global network. Local SEO allows companies to significantly reduce their marketing costs and separate customers they are unable to serve due to the territorial limitation of their activities.

Being an SEO Agency in Europe, we will use a wide range of tools and its professional knowledge in the local SEO field, will make every effort to understand your company from a local business point of view, will analyze the competitive environment, will collect accurate information about the effectiveness of your current marketing strategies, will evaluate your web site, your local online presence and, finally, will provide you an effective strategy to increase the traffic and number of potential customers.

What is local SEO

The Importance of Local SEO for Your Business

How important is local SEO

SEO Local is the foundation of online promotion for companies that sell products or provide services within a certain locality or region.

According to studies, it has been established that about 95% of all smartphone users use them for local search. It was also established that 70% of smarphone users click to call companies directly from Google’s search results. Thus, if your company operates only in a particular city / region, local SEO will allow potential customers, who live or work nearby, to easily find the company on the Internet.

At the same time, it should be mentioned that if the business is a local one and its target audience lives on a well-defined territory, the promotion of a product or service locally only, becomes simpler and cheaper than attracting traffic from all over the country, or even from neighboring countries. By selecting the relevant keywords that target a particular location, you can achieve excellent results in a relatively short time, compared to promotion of your web-site across the country.

If your company serves multiple regions, a holistic local optimization strategy will allow search engines to determine the location of branches independently of each other, making your company a serious competitor to other companies in these regions.

Business types that reap the most reward from local SEO

Local SEO for medical practices

Medical Practices

Studies show that more and more people are using the Internet search to find a specialized doctor or a medical clinic. This means that it is very important for medical professionals to ensure an accurate and easily accessible online presence. Displaying your medical clinic in the top of the search engine results, which the patient will see, most probably will lead him to you, and not to another medical institution.
Local SEO for restaurants


Clubs and restaurants usually operate locally and their target audience is geographically relatively close to the business itself. When you enter the word “restaurant” in your mobile search, it’s almost always followed by the suggestion “nearby”. At the same time, this type of business is also thriving due to the positive reviews, which in turn are a way to ensure a successful local SEO company.
Local SEO for lawyers


A professional website is absolutely necessary tool for a lawyer to attract new clients. However, it is pretty clear that a person who has a problem in the north of the country is unlikely to seek a lawyer in the south. It is obvious that he will seek a lawyer in his area. Thus, in order to reap the benefits of search engines, attract new clients and extend coverage, for lawyers, local SEO is much more important than the global one.
Local SEO for beauty sector

Beauty Salons

The beauty industry is developing rapidly and companies working in this field have begun to realize that they can acquire a significant number of potential customers from the Internet. Local SEO services will help this type of business to increase its visibility in search engines and the number of visits, will contribute to the formation and recognition of the brand and will help the company to become a prominent figure in the beauty industry.
Local SEO for hotels


The hospitality industry is the most customer oriented industry in the world. Before visiting a particular place, people search for a hotel and, most often, the search process takes place online. Taking into account that this is a highly competitive industry, the company must be present not only in online booking systems, but also in the top local search results. Therefore, it is very important to have a strong and effective local SEO strategy that works for you.
Local SEO for repair services


From repairing a smartphone or computer to a car, companies that provide repair services and having top local search positions, obtained with the help of a local SEO campaign, will gain an advantage over their competitors. It should be noted that in this case, the location of the service provider, has the biggest role - you just won't go to repair the smartphone in another city. In addition, this type of service is often required with a high degree of urgency.

What is included in our Local SEO Services

tickGoogle My Business account creation.
tickGoogle My Business listing optimization.
tickSEO competitor analysis.
tickAnalysis of the client’s website.
tickSEO image optimization.
tickPreparation of technical task for SEO copywriter.
tickSelection of keywords for the site pages.

tickOptimization of meta titles and meta descriptions.
tickRemoving of duplicate content from your site.
tickCreation of sitemaps for the site.
tickCreation / Customization of the robots.txt file.
tickImplementation of Structured Data.
tickVerification and elimination of SEO errors of the site.
tickExternal website and GMB listing promotion.

How Much Does Local SEO Cost ?

The price for Local Search engine Optimization depends on your business needs, geographic location and level of competition. However, we guarantee that our prices are absolutely transparent and in all cases you will know exactly what services you paid for.

When preparing an offer for a client, we rely on several factors that affect the cost of our local SEO services, such as:

If you are working in a highly competitive industry, you will need to invest more in local SEO to get the desired results. This is because in order to increase your Domain Authority (DA) and outperform competitors in search results, it will be necessary to create a bigger number of relevant pages with high quality content and optimize them respectively.
At the same time, the volume of work for external promotion of your online resource can be quite large, because your competitors have also promoted or continue to promote their online resources.

How many branch locations do you have
If your business has branches in several locations, the volume of work will increase, which will directly affect the cost of services. Obviously, in this case, the promotion process requires more time and resources to increase the ranking of your branches for each location. Thus, if you work in several locations and want to promote all branches, the price for local SEO services will increase.

The number of products and / or services you want to promote.
If you have more products and services that you want to promote using local SEO, our services, obviously will cost more because the volume of work increases directly in proportion to the number of keywords that we have to promote. As an example, we need to create and optimize separate pages for each of the products or services you want to advertise and, accordingly, to be engaged in their external promotion.

In order to estimate the cost of local SEO services for each individual case, you must provide us with general information about your business, about the results you want to achieve and how quickly you would like to get them. We will carry out a comprehensive analysis of the niche in which we must promote your business, we will perform an audit of your web resource, we will consider all the details and based on these results, we will prepare and submit to you a preliminary list of necessary works, with their price, which will serve as a reference point for further discussion of your project.

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What is the difference between organic and paid search results?

Paid search results can be obtained almost immediately, but this involves expenses because you pay every click you receive. In turn, the process of obtaining organic search results takes longer and requires a significant volume of work. But in the case of organic results, you get an unlimited number of clicks that you don’t have to pay for.

How to add my company to Google My Business?

The registration process is quite simple. To register your business on Google My Business, just go to business.google.com and create an account for your business. If you will encounter difficulties, we can do it for you.

Why do I need to receive the Google My Business verification code?

At the registration stage of a new company, the Google verification code is required to confirm that the address shown on the profile is a real one. In the future, you will then need to confirm any significant changes of your existing page. For our region, the confirmation codes are usually sent by post and we receive them within one – two weeks after the request.

What happens after my Google My Business account is verified?

After entering the confirmation code, the verification can take 1-2 business days. Once your Google My Business account is verified, the company will appear on Google maps.

My city is very small, can I choose another area for local promotion of my business?

First of all, we guarantee that your company will be ranked in the city where it has its main office / branch. Once you get top positions in your city, we can start optimizing content for other areas or cities within your radius of Google My Business.

When will I be on the first page of Google search results?

This depends on many factors, but usually, after 60-90 days of proper promotion, the company gets positions on the first page of Google, for the keywords chosen at planning phase of the SEO campaign.

When will I start to receive phone calls from customers?

The volume of phone calls increase when you get positions on the first page of Google search results. The promotion process takes around 60-90 days.

What do you do for my Google My Business account every month?

Every month, we improve your local SEO by performing work according to the plan developed for promotion of your business. You will regularly receive reports on the work done with a specific indication of what has been done so that you can make sure that the work has actually been carried out.

Will I be able to access the Google My Business dashboard during the SEO campaign?

Of course, you can access the dashboard, using your Gmail address and password, but we ask customers not to make any changes until our activities are completed.

How can I help you during the promotion campaign?

We may periodically ask you for information about your business, as well as updated photos (if is possible). We also suggest that you strengthen your customer relationships to get positive reviews from them on the company’s Google My Business page.

Why are my reviews removed?

If Google’s algorithm detects that your reviews are not organic (paid), they will be deleted. This is done if you received a large number of reviews per day or if it was found that a large number of reviews were sent from the same IP address.

What services does Smart SEO Digital Agency offer besides Local SEO?

Smart SEO Digital Agency can offer you much more than local SEO. We can also help you with your website, social media marketing, online reputation and more. Contact us to find out which of our other services will benefit your business the most.